New server, scheduled downtime

Please accept our aplogoies for any inconvinience caused. Thanks to this work, we will be starting 2010 with a brand new and much more powerful replacement to our main server, Martini. We are confident the improvement will be noticable and worth the requisite downime.

We will be conducting maintenance work to migrate all clients currently hosted on Martini on to a new, more powerful server from 02/01/2009 08:00 to 03/01/2009 23:00.

Please note that the 2 day maintenance period is not how long we expect all services to be unavailable, but simply covers the time in which the work may take place. Once the maintenance work has commenced, all services on Martini will be unavailable for the duration of the migration.

There may also be brief outages to some or all services either side of the main maintenance work due to essential reconfigurations that are required as part of this work.

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