Data centre switch (26/27 Oct) – Updated

Edit (27 Oct 2007) – This has now been completed!

This will be happening on the late evening of the 26th and early morning of the 27th October 2007.

Unfortunately, our current data centre is no longer suitable for us. This means we have decided to relocate our servers to the BlueSquare data centre in the UK.

  • The current data centre have released notice that no new equipment can be installed until a full power audit is complete.
  • They’ve changed the access procedure so you now have to ring a different company for an access code, which wasn’t too bad. But, they have now added that you must ring the number again to get a code to be allowed out of the building.
  • When issues with data centre are detected, in our opinion it takes an unreasonable time until a resolution.
  • To top it all off, they switched to their backup power for a routine check the other night, and one of the load banks killed the UPS that keeps air conditioning and lighting on, so there were 40 minutes of no air conditioning. The whole data floor was at double the ambient temperature for around 20 minutes.

No action is needed on your part; you do not need to change any settings and all IP addresses will stay the same.

We will try and keep disruption to a minimal. However, since we are keeping our hardware, we have to physically move it from A to B. In the absolute worst case, down time will be a maximum of 5 hours. However, it should not take anywhere near as long as that.

Emergency contact during downtime: geniushost AT googlemail DOT NOSPAM com