Softaculous one-click script installer

GeniusHost is proud to announce that the Softaculous one-click script installer is now available on all of our shared and reseller hosting accounts powered by cPanel/WHM.

Softaculous is a great alternative to the popular Fantastico script installation program. Just like Fantastico, Softaculous provides you hostgator reviews with a means of installing popular scripts such as WordPress and phpBB on your web-site through the cPanel web based control panel interface.

Softaculous currently supports 146 different scripts compared to Fantastico’s 50, with more being added all the time. Softaculous also provides more frequent updates than Fantastico, so you can ensure that you are always able to run the latest and greatest version of a script without worrying about security holes.

We have imported user’s existing script installations into Softaculous from Fantastico already, so you should be able to start taking advantage of Softaculous straight away. Support for Fantastico will be removed from our servers at the end of the month.

New server, scheduled downtime

Please accept our aplogoies for any inconvinience caused. Thanks to this work, we will be starting 2010 with a brand new and much more powerful replacement to our main server, Martini. We are confident the improvement will be noticable and worth the requisite downime.

We will be conducting maintenance work to migrate all clients currently hosted on Martini on to a new, more powerful server from 02/01/2009 08:00 to 03/01/2009 23:00.

Please note that the 2 day maintenance period is not how long we expect all services to be unavailable, but simply covers the time in which the work may take place. Once the maintenance work has commenced, all services on Martini will be unavailable for the duration of the migration.

There may also be brief outages to some or all services either side of the main maintenance work due to essential reconfigurations that are required as part of this work.

PHP 5 support

On Saturday 9 February, we are scheduling 2 minutes of downtime during the window of 00:00 – 01:00 GMT. We will be adding support for PHP 5.2.5. At the same time, we will also be upgrading PHP 4.4.7 to PHP 4.4.8. There will be an option added to cPanel control panel accounts to easily switch between PHP 4 and 5.

Santa brings second 100 Mbit connection

The team at GeniusHost wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Don’t think that Santa forgot about you, because we’ve just received your present early. If you check your stockings, you will find a second 100 Mbit connection, already live, and working to your advantage.

The secondary BGP feed from NetrinoUK Limited has been implemented, meaning more bandwidth, resulting in higher throughput. This gives the potential of reaching even greater download speeds from our servers. It also means greater reliability (a fail safe), as now if one transit provider experiences downtime, the second will still be available.

We prove that affordability and reliability are not trade-offs from each other at GeniusHost.

Have a great holiday!

cPanel updates configuration changed

cPanel’s automatic update feature has caused problems and has now been permanently disabled. For at least the second time, Apache (our web server software) failed to start after an update. We have decided future updates will be done manually whilst the server is being supervised, to stop this problem reoccurring.

Fortunately Apache was not down for long, and everything is now back to normal.